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Book Contributions

Geometric Modeling for Engineering Applications. F.-E. Wolter, M. Reuter and N. Peinecke. Encyclopedia of Computational Mechanics, vol 1, chap 16, 2007. [BibTex] [DOI-Link]
Geometric Modeling of Complex Shapes and Engineering Artifacts. F.-E. Wolter, N. Peinecke and M. Reuter. Encyclopedia of Computational Mechanics, vol 1, chap 16, pp. 475-495,2004. [BibTex] details

This work gives an overview on representation and processing of geometric models. Volume based representations (e.g. voxel rep.) and boundary representations (planar polygons, parametric surfaces defined by a map from 2D-space to 3D-space, especially spline surfaces and trimmed surfaces, multiresolutionally represented surfaces, e.g. wavelet-based surfaces and surfaces obtained by subdivision schemes) as well as explicit or implicit mathematical object representations are described and compared. The rather new method of "Medial Modeling", where an object is described by its medial axis and an associated radius function, is also presented. This medial modeling concept developed at the Welfenlab yields a very intuitive user interface useful for solid modeling, and also gives as a by-product a natural meshing of the solid for FEM computations. Finally additional attributes that can be attached to an object, i.e. attributes of physical origin or logical attributes, are discussed. hide
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