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Patent Applications

US Patent Application (US-2009-0169050-A1). F.-E. Wolter, M. Reuter and N. Peinecke. Method for Characterization of Objects, pending, July 2009.
International Patent Application (PCT/EP2007/000418). M. Reuter, F.-E. Wolter and N. Peinecke. Shape Optimization and efficient FEM computation employing the Medial Axis, 2007. details

This patent describes a medial axis (MA) representation and parametrization of shapes for an accurate representation of the domain with possibly curved boundary. The MA represenation can be used to model, mesh and optimize the shape, due to its skeletal structure that follows the trend of the object and describes the local thickness. The proposed method closes the design optimization cycle and bridges the gap between the design, mesh construction and FEM analysis components for a complete and efficient automation. hide

International Patent Application (PCT/DE06/00857). F.-E. Wolter, M. Reuter and N. Peinecke. Fingerprints - Verfahren zur Charaketerisierung von Objekten, Nov. 2005. details

This patent describes a method to identify and compare shape of solids, surfaces and images by using the spectrum of the Laplace-Beltrami operator of the given object as a fingerprint. Please see our corresponding publications for a detailed description of the properties and the numerical computation of these spectra for the different kinds of objects. Possible applications like "Copyright protection", "Database retrieval", "Shape Matching" and "Quality Assessment" are described, making use of the fact that the spectrum is an isometry invariant and therefore completely independent of the objects representation and spatial position. Furthermore it is shown how the spectra can be compared independently of the objects size, if desired. hide
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