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This package contains scripts to compute shape descriptors (ShapeDNA) of a selection of cortical and subcortical brain strucutres (BrainPrint).
This package contains tools for highly accurate within subject, within modality 3D image registration and template estimation for longitudinal processing, motion correction (within session) or to initialize higher dimensional warps in an unbiased way.
ShapeDNA-tria is a package to compute accurate eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the Laplace Beltrami operator using higher order FEM (with Dirichlet or Neumann boundary condition). You can check out example Database applications here: Research:ShapeAnalysis.
FDim is a program capable of computing the fractal dimension of any grayscale image. The fractal dimension can be seen as a measure of roughness of the image. Therefore the program can be used to e.g. compare different textures.
DotCount is a program to count the number of dots in an image. Dots are considered to be connected regions with approximately the same intensity. Therefore DotCount can be used to count e.g. lighted windows in a sky scraper or anything else, as long as the regions are connected and the contrast to the background is high enough. It's original purpose was to count pigment dots on skin photos for cancer research.
We now host arpackpp as a package on GitHub ( Additional features are: Builds on Linux and Mac OSX, CMake support, SuperLU 5.0 (updated), UMFPACK (updated) and CHOLMOD (added) support. That repository supersedes our patch arpack++1.2_slu4.3.patch.diff which has been used in modern linux distribution (e.g. Ubuntu).
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