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BrainPrint Scripts

BrainPrint for LaPy - Laplace-Beltrami Python Library
BrainPrint is now available as an extension to our LaPy Python package:
BrainPrint - legacy
These python scripts provide a wrapper around ShapeDNA legacy binaries and FreeSurfer to compute shape descriptors of an ensemble of both cortical and subcortical structures.
  • You need to process the MRI data with FreeSurfer (version 5.3 and up):
  • You need to download the shapeDNA-tria binary: ShapeDNA
This will allow you to compute all 2D (surface) shape descriptors of BrainPrint for all structures.
3D solid volume
In order to also compute the shapeDNA of the solid 3D white matter and pial volumes additional software is needed:
  • meshfix 1.2-alpha: to massage and downsample the meshes meshfix
  • Gmsh: to construct a tetrahedrization Gmsh
  • shapeDNA-tetra: to compute the volumetric shape descriptor
Currently we do not support this option. If you get meshfix and GMSH running on your machine, contact us for a copy of shapeDNA-tetra.
GIT repository:
We have moved this project to GitHub for easy sharing and maintenance.
Direct Download:
  1. BrainPrint BrainPrint: A Discriminative Characterization of Brain Morphology (NeuroImage 2015)
  2. ShapeDNA Laplace-Beltrami spectra as "Shape-DNA" of surfaces and solids (JCAD 2006 - most cited award)
[1] describes the BrainPrint ensemble and neuroimaging applications, while [2] introduces the shape descriptor (shapeDNA).
Martin Reuter - MIT - Cambridge, MA, USA - EMail:
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