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Shape Processing: ShapeDNA

shapeDNA-tria 1.3 (Linux and Mac)
ShapeDNA-tria is a package to compute accurate eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the Laplace Beltrami operator using higher order FEM (with Dirichlet or Neumann boundary condition). You can try out two shape retrieval database examples here: Research:ShapeAnalysis.
  • Computes eigenvalues and eigenfunctions
  • Up to cubic FEM for highly accurate approximation
  • Dirichlet or Neumann boundary condition
  • Input: PLY, SMF,OBJ,OFF, VTK,ASC3d,STL,..
  • Global mesh refinement for coarse meshes
  • Tangential smoothing for low quality meshes
  • Converter: Input/Output in different file formats
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This program is a command line tool! The download package (...tar.gz) is a compressed archive containing a single directory.
Linux: unpack it with: tar xzvf shapeDNA-tria.tar.gz
MAC: probably Safari will already decompress the archive, double click the remaining shapeDNA-tria.tar file and it will extract the folder in Downloads. You can then move it anyplace you like.
Open a terminal, change into that directory and call it like: ./shapeDNA-tria ... (don't forget the './') or for Mac: ./shapeDNA-tria-osx . If you call it from a different path, make sure to set the environment variable SHAPEDNA_HOME to point to the directory with the key.txt file.
Register and Download - LINUX and MAC OSX binary:
  • Available to Universities for non-profit research purposes.
  • To download: please register with your university email address below to obtain download link.
  • The software is available as a LINUX and MAC OSX binary only. Windows binaries are not planned in the near future.
  • An open source release is desired, but requires revision (library dependencies etc.), the full package includes much more functionality (NURBS, tetrahedra, pixel and voxel data, Laplace and Poisson equation ...). Please do not expect anything soon.
  • You may NOT use this software for commercial purposes.
    Copyright (c) 2009-2019 Martin Reuter. All rights reserved.
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